Monday, March 20, 2006

The last one (???)

Yuan Yuan:

You know something. Humans still do not understand our language. When we meow, we don’t always mean “Come pet me”. It can also be “Stay where you are and don’t come ka jiao me”. You agree with me?

Obviously my 2 humans are not the intelligent type ‘cos that’s what they did when I meowed them while I was crouching in the drain.

“Ohhhh, it’s so cute and small,” cooed the Man.

“I think it’s ginger, your favourite,” said the Woman, “Don’t know if it is a boy or girl.”

They came by almost every night thereafter for almost a month to check me out. The Man was very happy that I was a little girl. The Woman always say to him, “Ginger, pink nose and girl, win already”. I don’t know why also.

I never really warmed up to them during that time, not that I warm up to anyone. I just like to play, chasing wormies, and playing with my friend from the flat above. He will come down every night and I will just chase him all over the grass field, jump over the bushes, run through the drains and then just rest when we are tired. The Woman would always try to tease me with a string or a twig and I could never catch it and the Man would be laughing at me, saying that I am such a really cute and chubby stray kitten.

They did manage to stroke me a few times during that month but I always managed to squirm away after a few strokes. But then that night they started whispering to each other and the Man disappeared and came back with this box with a metal door. I did not mind exploring it as I saw this twig moving inside. I think I was tricked.

It wasn’t too bad in their place. On that first night, I had 4 pairs of eyes staring at me and Kim Kim & Xin Xin hissing at me. I like living there. I have Chang Chang and Bon Bon to play with and Xin Xin is like the mummy I’d never known. Food is always available and Mummy plays with me every night. But somehow, I still do not like to be stroked or petted. I will tolerate it but I’m not like the rest who will seek out Mummy & Daddy for cuddles. Mummy & Daddy say that I am a cat cat and not a people cat, whatever that means.

Name: Yuan Yuan (圆圆means round round in Chinese cos I was always a chubby thing with big round eyes and a round butt)
Birthday: Mid December 2004
Breed: Ginger DSH with a short stubby kinked tail
Weight: 4kg and growing (Daddy says I am a chunky girl but I think I am just big boned)
Rank: I don’t care about rank. I just want to eat and play.



Blogger CatDonna & Cats said...

So pretty! Ginger cats are cool. I know what you mean by being a cat cat. Some of us are like that here, although I'm not one of them.

I think it's partly the upbringing but mainly the kitty's personality. For instance, Lucie was brought up by humans almost since she was born, but she still doesn't really like being held or touched.

On the other hand, Lucie's brother Boonie is a certified CUDDLE ADDICT. He's very irritating. Always fighting with me for human laps, the stupid thing.


12:09 AM, March 21, 2006  
Blogger KXBC said...

The Wife commented that boy cats are more people cat than cat cat. Or at least Chang Chang is a people cat but that could be because he was hand raised.

Xin Xin (my little girl) is also a people cat but she was already quite independent at 1 month old when we adopted her.

Bon Bon is independent but also people cat. So is Kim Kim. Only Yuan Yuan is the cat cat who follows XX around the whole day. She does not like cuddles and tends to run away when we approach her. The ingrate!!!!

So maybe it's really the cat's personality mainly at play here.

2:51 PM, March 21, 2006  
Blogger kuro.shiro.neko said...

eh, how come the last one got ?? behind one... hee...

when i adopted weiwei, it actually means 尾尾, last one..

but hor, later on came lilo and stitch.

fooled you, the other half!

11:47 AM, March 24, 2006  
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