Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 7 - She meowed at us for the first time

She finally meowed at us for the first time since she was hospitalised last Sat. Although there was no sound, her mouth opened to form that very familiar round shape whenever she meows for our attention. We take it as a good sign.

The vet assistants fed her this morning so there was no need for us to feed her. Peed last night and again this morning when we visited. Clear diluted urine but it is starting to have that faint ammonia smell again. Fairly hydrated.

Her nose is slightly pinkier than last evening. More alert. 3rd eyelids have retreated a little more. The paw with the drip was a little swollen due to the drip and she has little mobility in that leg but we are massaging it as often as we can to encourage more blood flow.

She slept in the crook of our arms again. And even turned to lay on her flanks so that my arm can act as a pillow. We smiled at that as that is what she always does at home. Somehow she likes to place her little head on our arm or a rolled up towel.

And thank you Katie for the information. She is currently on k/d wet formula which is formulated for kidney patient kitties. The vet informed that she needs to be on this formula for the rest of her life as it has a lower protein content. We'll check with the vet on her diet once she recovers enough to go home.

Update for evening visit:
She peed once in the afternoon and another time when we were there. The clinic fed her some food but that was not enough so we syringe fed her around 10ml of k/d wet food again.

Her breathing was ragged again but not as bad as Tue. Vet confirmed she has water in her lungs again. She had 2 injections on Tue to purge out the water and it worked well as her breathing was ok on Wed. Another injection was given on Thur but water somehow got lodged in her lungs again. She will get another injection tonight. The only problem with these injections is that her kidneys will be working to process these medicine meaning that they will not have enough time to heal. But if water continues to be lodged in her lungs, she may not be able to breath effectively and if the water continues to rise, she will drown.

Her abnormal heartbeat may also complicate matters. Her heart pumps 3 times every beat rather than 2 times for a normal cat. From the time she was young, 2 different vets have told us about her heartbeat during her annual physical checkups, the 2nd time just this Apr. Her heart pumps strongly and as she was young then and has no known illnesses, perhaps the vet did not elaborate and we did not enquire further as well. Xin Xin has always been an active kitten and cat. Before she turned 3, she could play an hour continuously, running and jumping without much rest in between. Between 3 and just a week ago, she still runs and jumps every day even though she can no longer last an hour. She was the most atheletic in the gang and we had thought nothing about her heart especially since it was mentioned that she had a strong beat. However with the kidney failure, this issue is causing additional concern.

It is a dilema now. She needs to be hydrated for her kidneys to heal and her drip is already slow at 1 drop every 3 seconds. But this seems to be causing her lungs some problems. If the drip stops, she will get dehydrated and her kidneys will fail further.

We can only leave the medical decision and work to the vets. And hope that she can recover despite all the odds stacked against her.

The only bright side is that she is still alert though a little tired. She was still seeking our arms for comfort this evening. Xin, you got to continue fighting. We really want you home with us again, no matter how long it takes.

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Blogger cat_aunty said...

Good good! Jia you Xin Xin!! Gambatte!

7:44 PM, June 20, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The little things that she does are a good sign towards a slow and steady recovery.

I have 2 cats with CRF. My queen was the one who taught me a lot. The Internet is swarmed with information. You will need a clear head to know what is right for xinxin. Don't be panic by what you will read.

There are some things you will have to do when xinxin is home. You will need a hot water bottle. This is to place under the mattress or towel. It keeps her warm and her body temperature up. Gently rub her chest with your hands to give her warmth too. Must make sure she does not have water in her lungs again. Low body temperature and fluid in the lungs is critical for any feline. Subcuts are very important so don't miss any session of it.

If the vet allows home cook food, you can blend with the prescription diet kibbles. This will allow her some supplements to her food. Do ask the vet on Royal Canin Renal 23. This is another prescription diet besides Hills kd. My babies’ condition is stabled with this diet.

Must feed xinxin 3 times per day. Right now she has no strength to eat on her own. Food is important as it provides energy and strength and helps her gain weight slowly.

Cranberry is good to dissolve stones but it is not good for cats with CRF. Give all your babies boiled drinking water. The tap water does contain minerals it them. If the kidney cannot flush it out, it will develop stones too.

You may want to consider changing the diet for the rest of the gang. The lowest protein level is from the Senior and Mature formula. It is at 27%. The PD is around 18% - 23%. The light formula has a high protein content so don't buy that. Sava brand has a content level of 20% but I will not recommend as I am not sure of the protein quality.

Lots of warmth, quiet and encouraging words for xinxin.

I am sorry if I talk too much. Just want to share so that you can do the essentials for her.

Xinxin…we are all the way behind you.!


8:30 PM, June 20, 2008  
Blogger KXBC said...

Thank you Katie. We really welcome your sharing. We have been reading up and loading on medical info since last Sat.

We thought she is now in the polyuric phase since she has been peeing a lot and regularly.

However the water in the lungs and abnormal heartbeat are causing us a lot of concerns.

Katie, I read about this product esp for CRF patients. The ad is sensational and highly enticing it seems like a miracle drug but I am willing to try anything, with the vet's approval. See this site It may work well for your kitties. I have already ordered a bottle via VPost and it may arrive soon.

11:02 PM, June 20, 2008  
Blogger MightyMouse said...

All at the Cove are cheering you on. Xin Xin: Fight, fight, fight!

11:44 AM, June 21, 2008  
Anonymous Rena said...

Well written article.

11:57 PM, November 11, 2008  

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