Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 12 Home 2

She looks slightly better today. Still slightly dehydrated. We will need to syring her more water after each feeding since she is not drinking enough on her own.

Her appetite is slightly better. I managed to syringe her some k/d wet food in one seating without much fuss. As her weight is still only 3.5kg, a loss of 10% before she was ill, getting food into her system is important. We will have to feed her more to assist in her weight gain.

We finally let her meet the rest of the gang today after the vet visit this evening. Kim Kim and Bon Bon hissed at her. It must be because she smells quite different. As she has not been grooming this past week, she smells more like the vet office than the familiar Xin Xin they used to know. There was no reaction from Yuan Yuan though she was a little cautious around her. We'll continue with this nightly until she is strong enough to be around them without supervision. For the time being, she'll have the luxury of sleeping on our bed at night and during the day.

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