Sunday, April 02, 2006

Click Clog Click Clog

Chang Chang: Hey girls, do you know doggies blog too you know. I read it from the newspaper (The Sunday Times, Lifestyle section dated 2 Apr 06 but cannot link to site ‘cos newspaper people money face. No pay money = no password = no reading. But not my kitty business lah. I am just a cat) today.

*gasps all around*

Xin Xin: You mean you read? *snigger*

Kim Kim: Boy boy, don’t bluff us lah. You are so not intelligent, how can you be literate?

*Bon Bon rolling on the floor, still laughing hysterically*

Chang Chang: *fuming liao* Of course I read lah. You think why I lie on the newspaper everyday when Daddy is reading. I can sense the words via my super kitty power paw pads (S.K.P.P.P) you know. But of course the sayanging from Daddy is a bonus lah. Hehehehe…

Yuan Yuan: What talking you? Newspaper is good for shredding only *continues shredding the free Lian He Zao Bao which no one reads*.

Kim Kim: So, what did the newspaper write about?

Chang Chang: Aiyah, some of our doggy friends are writing blogs and the reporter wrote an article on it, as if it’s something new like that. Our kitty friends have been blogging so long already and the reporter said she was not able to find a “clog” written from our perspective.

Xin Xin: Obviously she has not done enough research or is just lazy like you. Our clogs are all over the web.

Bon Bon: Aiyah, who cares whether she write about clogs or not. No one except for our Mummies & Daddies care about us kitties. Other people always think that we are non responsive dau animals what. You know hor, even this thing called the Hideous Donkey Bugger call us nomadic animals which shed fur and dirty the place.

Kim Kim: What nomadic animals??? Obviously Hideous Donkey Bugger is dumb or just plain ignorant. We are not nomadic!!! We have our own territory and will defend it if there are outsiders. Why would we be nomadic when we have secured a good food source? Look at our lion, tiger, leopard and cheetah big brothers and sisters. They are not nomadic, and they patrol their territory to secure their food source from the other guys. Though we are just smaller versions of them, we behave exactly like them in this aspect.

Bon Bon: Yah lor. Say we shed hair. Our doggy friends also shed hair what. And we do our business in the litter box. We are so clean you know *continues preening*.

Yuan Yuan: *smell smell armpit* Heehee, I smell so nice today and everyday. Maybe we should send some money to Hideous Donkey Bugger so that it can subscribe to SCV’s Animal Planet, National Geographics and Discovery Channel so that it can learn a little more about us and other animals.

Xin Xin: Aiyah, no use one lah. It won’t accept alternative views one, even when these new views are correct. It is stubborn, that’s why called Donkey what.

Chang Chang: F*** care them lah. As long as Mummy & Daddy loves us and other Mummies & Daddies love us kitties, it’s enough already.

*Kim Kim smacks Chang Chang*

Kim Kim: Tell you so many times cannot use vulgar language you still do it.

Chang Chang: Sorry mummy. I very bek cek so cannot control already. I promise I won’t do it again.

Bon Bon: Hey, I heard Pip just gave birth. Her kittens must be cute. *looking at Chang Chang* I hope they won’t give Donna Jie Jie as much trouble as you did to Mummy & Daddy.

Kim Kim: They’ll be in good hands. Donna Jie Jie is no greenhorn and Pip is an able mother. I just can’t wait to see photos of their bright blue eyes. Ok, back to sleep you all. We all need our beauty rest.

*Kim Kim sends everyone back to bed*

Yuan Yuan: *running to the computer again* Donna Jie Jie, jia you. You can do it.

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Blogger cat_aunty said...

That was the greatest piece of writing!!! Go cats!

9:51 AM, April 03, 2006  
Blogger CatDonna & Cats said...

Hello! I'm back. Excellent writing, kitties!!! You are all so clever, killing so many birds with one... umm, post? Heehee. Ear scratches for all.

And thank you very much for your encouragement. We're all doing well. Check out the update at CatDonna's Cats!

Lots of love to all of you. Take care kitties. :D

10:33 PM, April 04, 2006  

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