Sunday, October 22, 2006

Here are the kitties - Part 1

No one likes the doggies, so here are the kitties.

Russian Blue look-alike kitten in Oia (pronounced as yee-yah), a picturesque town in Santorini, one of the most famous Greek islands. She is a very tame girl and allows everyone to pat her. One tourist even carried her high up like a baby (you know, hands fully stretched up and above you) and the little "girl" did not even complain. She just went back to her relaxed position after that.



Blogger kuro.shiro.neko said...

it IS a russian blue!!!... (i think)

wah if i carry anyone at home in that manner, i would have a totally new face liao... hahaha...

6:36 PM, October 22, 2006  
Blogger kuro.shiro.neko said...

greece really have so many whitish walls ah? your pics look exactly like "The Cat In The Sun" leh..

6:36 PM, October 22, 2006  
Blogger KXBC said...

The whole of Santorini is white and super duper glaring under the Mediterranean sun. Most of the other Greek islands are like that too. I think they repaint it every year or so. You want to make money? Open a paint shop there selling only white paint.

You compare my cat pics with Hans Silvester??? *touched, tears dripping off my chin, hehehe* I am nowhere near his standard. The way he captures the cats' moods and emotions, their body language, their interaction between themselves and the environment and most importantly, their connection with his camera, it's like "Wow, wow, wow. I know they do that but I can never capture it on film." That's the feeling I get whenever I go through his books.

9:27 AM, October 23, 2006  
Blogger san said...

Eh, actually in real life - all white? Not white , blue and some ochre like the Hans Silvester books. Must be nice to be so clean and pristine all the time and no litter either. This is a good looking cat. If I hold Bujang like that, I would only be asking for trouble.

9:43 AM, October 23, 2006  
Blogger auntie p said...

She is a beauty. I can imagine Botero getting his inspiration from this cat for his famous cat sculptures.

12:18 PM, October 23, 2006  
Blogger KXBC said...

San, mostly (maybe 80%) white. Some are blue or cream. Very glaring and have to squint in the day if you do not wear sunglasses.

2:40 PM, October 23, 2006  

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