Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 13 Home 3

Today is the first time I gave her fluid under the skin myself, under supervision of course. The feeling of the needle going into her flesh is something I do not enjoy but I know that I need to get the procedure right so that I can administer this at home daily from perhaps the next week onwards. She does not seem to feel the pain of the needle going in and that is a big relief to me.

No weight loss today though her appetite is now much better. Hopefully she will be 500g heavier tomorrow as I am increasing her food intake by 10% every day.

Today is our 10th ROM anniversary and I had clean forgotten about it due to Xin Xin's illness until last night. I thought the Wife would have forgotten it too since we have been so focused on getting her back on her feet these 13 days until I receive a SMS from her this morning wishing us a happy anniversary. But what touched me was the sentence she added below.

"Just glad our family of seven is still intact this year." I completely agree.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy 10th Anniversary. Just glad that xinxin is by your side.

Keep up the effort and good work.


11:11 PM, June 26, 2008  
Blogger san said...

Happy anniversary to the kxbc gang. Keep eating Xin Xin. we will have the food for you when you want it.

8:33 AM, June 28, 2008  
Blogger cat_aunty said...

Good to know XinXin is fighting, with all your support and care.....! Jia you!

3:34 PM, June 28, 2008  
Anonymous Whicky Wuudler said...

I hope little Xin Xin continues to improve. Sending love and purrs xx

10:19 PM, July 02, 2008  
Blogger calsifer said...

How's everyone and everycat doing?

2:13 PM, July 04, 2008  

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