Monday, May 10, 2010


MM went for her spaying yesterday. We dropped her off at the vet early in the morning before picking her up again at 4pm. By then, she was already pacing around the carrier. She looked a little dazed then but by the time she was home, she was almost like 100% recovered.

The vet had warned that she may not have any appetite but MM finished 1.5 table spoon of dry food and drank copious amount of water the moment she was let out of her carrier. She was obviously very hungry since she had not had a bite since midnight the night before.

Overall, she is recovering very quickly as she was already jumping around a few hours since she reached home. Her recovery speed is second to that of YY, who was jumping and running almost the moment she reached home from her spay operation almost 5 years ago. Both of them have very strong community cat instincts.

Whenever we send any one of them for any operation, I will feel very uneasy. I will keep thinking about them almost every minute until I receive the call from the vet telling me the operation had went well and they are currently recovering and under observation. This time round however, I did not feel anything at all. The Wife still did but it was not so intense as before. I believe it was because I had not spent much time with MM ever since we took her in 2 weeks ago. I had spent a week overseas during that period and it was the Wife who was managing the gang. But perhaps because we had not yet bonded so much, we don't feel the anxiety as much. Perhaps our bond will take more time to grow then.

Still, who is interested to adopt MM? She is ready to go to a new home in a week or so once we are very sure her stitches are healing well. Anyone?



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