Friday, July 09, 2010

Day 7 & 8 (7 & 8 Jul 10): Re-learning experience

Day 7 (7 Jul 10)
It was generally an ok day for both XX and us. She ate dry food on her own and walked around the house when she was not resting.

Day 8 (8 Jul 10)
We syringe fed her almost half a can of blended Sc Diet k/d before we left for work as she only had a handful of dry Renal food. When I came back to check up on her during lunch, she had vomited all the food, including the morning's medication. Luckily, she was not dehydrated. She looked tired and rested after eating some dry food.

She spent the whole afternoon resting until I gave her some favorite non-kidney food which she devoured in less than 1 min. That showed that she was hungry, but was not willing to eat her kidney food.

We syringed fed her twice during the night, small portions both times. The Wife had reminded me that XX did vomit for almost 1 week when she first came home from hospitalisation 2 years ago. We checked out her old health and food records and indeed she was right. I had forgotten about it totally.

This is a lesson I had to totally re-learn. To feed XX in small portions throughout the day until she is well enough to eat 3 biggers meals.

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