Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bon Bon's fight to the end

Bon Bon
20 June 2002 – 14 March 2016
13 years & 9 months old

We sent our precious little grey girl across to the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon.

From Nov last year, she had been having some trouble eating and what we thought would be a routine dental job for her in Dec became a nightmare for both her and us. The vet diagnosed her as having stomatitis, a life threatening oral inflammation caused by the over reaction of her autoimmune system to plaque. A biopsy also revealed that she had oral cancer on the left side of her mouth.

There was no cure in Singapore for her. From early Jan 2016 onwards, she lost the ability to eat and drink on her own as the ulcers and tumors in her mouth and throat started spreading. The monthly steroid injection could only reduce the inflammation and hopefully make her more comfortable.

We were totally helpless. We could only ensure that she does not starve to death by syringe feeding her twice daily. It was hard seeing her in pain she tried to swallow the blended liquefied food. But she persevered and we did the same for her. It did not really matter we spend more than 2 hours daily huddled in the kitchen feeding her. Sometimes she will be cooperative but on some days, it becomes a challenge as she splattered food all over. It was painful seeing her trying to stay alive, especially in the last few days.

Other than the inability to eat and drink, she lost none of her lovable personality. She spent a bit more time resting but she continued to be curious and mobile. She moved around the house, poking her nose into anything which pique her curiosity. She continued greeting us at the door every evening when we get home but hides under the sofa once she knows we are preparing her food.

We knew the end was near when she started losing her zest these few days. This morning, she cried out in pain when we carried her into the kitchen. Her first time in the last few months. We know our Bon Bon. She is one of those dainty cats who cannot really stand pain. She drooled quite a copious amount of blood from her mouth when we syringed her food a couple of times. There would be occasional blood when we feed her but never in this quantity.

It is time. We said our goodbyes. She moved on peacefully and without pain at the vet.

Thank you Bon Bon for the last 13 plus years with us.

You are the gentlest little girl we have ever met with not a single bone of malice in your lithe furry body. You would wriggle your way out of tight situations, rather than hiss and scratch like most other cats. You are Xin Xin’s most loyal sidekick, following her almost throughout the day. We love the way you play with the water dish. That is so uniquely you.

Our hearts are so pained when you finally left us. But we know this is the best option for you. You'll be free from the pain. Run well. Play well. Rest well. If what they say of the rainbow bridge is true, we'll see you again some day over the other side.

We’ll always remember you, our little grey girl.



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