Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 9 & 10 (9 & 10 Jul 10) - Another re-learning experience

Day 9 (9 Jul 10)
She looked alright and alert in the morning with no sign of dehydration. Although she was breathing fast while resting, it was regular and not ragged.

We still had to syringe feed her and from today onwards, we had split her 2 meals to 4 smaller meals. It worked. She did not vomit anymore.

Day 10 (10 Jul 10)
She did not look well in the morning. She was about 2% dehydrated. After her early morning feed, she looked slightly better but appeared lethargic again by mid morning. She looked worse than when she was discharged 4 days ago.

We scheduled another visit to the vet in the afternoon. One thing we knew for sure was that she requires a sub-Q for her dehydration. We also wanted to make sure that the vet checked her to rule out other issues. When we checked our sub-Q supplies, we realized those we had bought in Jul 08 had all expired.

We saw another vet at the practice as XX's regular vet was not in. He injected 200ml of solution into her. XX looked refresh almost immediately after the sub-Q. When we syringe her again half an hour at home, she even had the strength to struggle. And soon after that, she was walking around the house again while before that, she was so tired that she was just hiding in a dark corner.

I had to re-learn the whole sub-Q process again as I had forgotten the procedures I had learned 2 years ago. I really don't look forward to that as I remember how stressful it was for XX and me at the precise moment the needle breaks the skin. I can almost hear her meowing softly in pain.

What is my lesson re-learned? Hydration is very important for a kidney patient cat. It must always be well hydrated to function normally. Whether I like it or not, I will always have to be ready to give her a sub-Q even before she becomes dehydrated.

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