Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 11 & 12 (11 & 12 Jul 10) - First sub-Q after 2 years

Day 11 (11 Jul 10)
She remained very hydrated throughout the whole day after yesterday's sub-Q at the vet. She was bright and alert and was very co-operative when we syringe-fed her. Even though she was well hydrated, she drank quite a lot on her own and we offered her fresh water a few times a day to tempt her to drink more.

By evening, she was approximately 1% dehydrated. After 2 long years of no sub-Q at home, I finally did my home sub-Q treatment again. And in went 200ml smoothly while my wild pumping heart slowed down to the normal rate. My "first" time went well. Lucky me.

Day 12 ( 12 Jul 10)
Her condition is similar to yesterday. Alert and bright though she spent a lot of time resting in her carrier. She even ate some dry food on her own.

Although she is well hydrated even by 10pm, we decided to sub-Q her 100ml, just in case she gets dehydrated tomorrow when we are not around.

The Wife fell sick last night, vomiting violently into the toilet bowl. She was diagnosed to be suffering the after effects of the tremendous stress built up since the start of the month. The only good thing to come out of it is that she had 1 day MC and was able to spend the day monitoring XX's condition.

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