Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Why you never bring me?

Chang Chang:

Daddy is traveling (again) this week. No update this week already.

I am quite good with walking on the keyboard but that tupid mouse does not respond to me. Why? Tail so long also. I think I will go bite it off tonight.

I think I will go sit by the door again tonight until Daddy comes home to stroke me. He better come home fast.


Friday, February 24, 2006

Keeping the house free of rodents

Xin Xin:

Attackkkkkkk!!!!!!! Kill them all!!!!!!

Now I've got you

You have a smelly a**. Better clean you up first before I kill you.

Kill kill kill!!!!!


Angel (???)

Do I look like an angel with my little pinky nose?


Daddy's girl

Xin Xin:

Daddy always tell me that I am the best little cat in the world. He always say that when he is carrying me or when I put my face really really close to his. I know I am his favorite little girl. Of course I am. Daddy is mine. ALL MINE. Hehehe…..

Name: Xin Xin (新新). I was so named as I was adopted 2 days before 新年
Birthday: 1 January 2002 or thereabouts (I don’t know cos I am a stray what)
Breed: DSH with the character of a Singapura
Rank: 二小姐

Daddy & Mummy picked me up as a 4-week old kitten in Meow & Bark pet shop in AMK. Apparently my cat mummy and siblings and me were picked up from the streets and put up for adoption. Daddy said I caught his eye straight away because I was the only one who ran straight into his lap before scurrying away to explore the shop.

I was brought in to keep Kim Kim company as Daddy and Mummy both thought she was a bit lonely at home. And after reading that 2 cats are better than 1 cat and that it is not double the trouble, they decided to adopt me. How I prove them wrong. Heeheehee…

Mummy said I was a little devil, always in trouble. If I was not running around the whole house, I would be exploring something. I was just like an Energizer bunny, wrecking havoc 24x7 around the place. And because tupid Kim Kim was an absolute angel and so disciplined and so guai (grrrrrrr), I totally looked like a boisterous kitten compared to her. Mummy was so mad with me sometimes she wished she could kick me out of the house. But in front of Daddy, I was his little angel, always playing with him and sleeping on his lap.

As I grew older, I became more guai and mellowed but I still have this occasional burst of activity every other day or so. And with time, Mummy got hooked to my loving ways too. I love her too but I am still Daddy’s girl.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Once upon a time…

I am on the left and my sister Lu Lu is on the right

...when I was still a young kitten with my ex-owner. I am the one on the left of the pic. I was a serious kitten. I am still a serious cat now that I am going into the senior stage. I was slim once. How I wish I can be like that again.

Mummy says I have big ears for a cat. Do I really have BIG ears?


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My virgin post

Kim Kim:

This is me.

My virgin post, but I am not a virgin ok!!! I have given birth before to 3 lovely babies before but they are no longer with me. *sob sob* My ex-owner told me 2 of my babies have been adopted by beautiful families but there is no news about my last baby. And the cruel fact is that I have been neutered. What!!! Does that mean I cannot pass on my good lovely genes anymore!!!!!!!

Ok ok, enough of the sob story. I will tell you another time.

I am QUEEN, the TOP CAT in the household, served by 2 humans whom I adore very much. They are always at my beck and call. Kekeke. I am so cute and adorable. How can they resist me!!!!!

My bio data for my soon-to-be adoring readers. Kekekeke….
Name: Kim Kim (does it sound Korean or what? You want my paw print?)
Birthday: Early Apr 2000 and for those numerically challenged people, I am going to be 6 years old soon
Breed: I think I am an American short hair X breed with a nice brown coat and thick black circular swirls. But the tupid V.E.T says I am a DSH and my humans says I look like a water melon when I sit down. How insulting. Hmmp

Weight: 5.5kg and growing. Everyone says I am pregnant. I am not PREGNANT ok!!! I have been fixed. I am just...errr...chubby. But I am very cute ok!!!
Rank: Numero Uno, Top Cat, No. 1

Next time I will tell you a bit more how I ended up in this household and ruling these slaves of mine and how the household exploded from just me to a total of 5 cats.