Sunday, November 04, 2007


Bon Bon:

For the last few days, there was a "咸鱼" lying under my block. I'm quite allergic to fish as you know but since it is only salted fish, I don't really mind it.

But what gets on my catty nerves is that their family and relatives play VERY LOUDLY from 8pm to 11pm Teochew opera and Hokkien songs. I mean, the "咸鱼" cannot really hear, right? If it can't hear, what's the point of playing loud music for a few hours everyday? It disturbs the whole neighbourhood. I can't hear Chang Chang creeping up from behind me. And Teochew opera and Hokkien songs aren't on Cat's World Top 40.

If they have to play music, why can't it be The Pussy Cat Dolls

and The Atomic Kittens?

Hey, maybe the "salted fish" can use this? This will help, won't it?

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