Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Angelic faces

I stumbled upon this flickr site. This person, whom I think is Singaporean, has some of the cutest photos of his cats, a very lazy Scottish Fold and a hyper active Muchkin. These 2 cats are very photogenic and really cooperate well with the camera.

I know some readers may have this thing about buying pure breeds rather than adopting a moggie. I have my views too. But let's put that aside for the moment and enjoy the antics of 2 cats, apparently very well taken care of and very loved by the family.


(3 more working days before I fly. Yipee!!!!!)

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Work work work

Have been so caught up with work that I have no mood to blog at all. And we have been spending so little time at home that the 5 monsters are always hungry for whatever attention we can give them.

But hey, 5 more days of work and deadlines to rush before we get our first break this year. We will be off for a holiday for a week or two to the Islands of Cats. Cats cats many cats.....wowee.....

My camera will be working non stop. :) I hope to capture their mood, their habitat, their various expressions. But I know it will never turn out as good as this cat picture book I have found in the library. It's called "Cats in the sun" and there is another called "Kittens in the sun". Both books are by the same photgrapher. And he is truly amazing. I think he spent a few months on the islands to capture those fantastic pictures. I'll be very comforted if my photos turn up half as good.

The bad thing about going for a holiday is leaving the 5 monsters at home. Mother-in-law will be here daily for an hour or so to feed them and clear their litter box. Hopefully, she will be able to give them that companionship they crave for.

Well, the airtickets have been booked. Our backpacks are cleaned. We are cleared to go. To the Islands of the cats!!!!!!

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Monday, September 11, 2006

We speak different languages

Kim Kim says:

Daddy has some overseas friends who are coming over to our place to stay this week. And these friends are thinking maybe their kitties can come along too. Wowwee, the 5 of us + Daddy & Mummy were so excited we were going to have visitors. So Daddy & Mummy cleaned the house, bought lots of food (but none for us *sulks*) and even planted a few pots of cat grass for our kitty friends. And they even bought new litter boxes and extra scratching posts for them. I made Xin Xin, Bon Bon, Chang Chang and Yuan Yuan clean our old toys so that we can show our kitty friends a good time.

But just last week, Daddy's friends said that their kitties do not like to use litter boxes even though they know that litter boxes should be the place our shit should be buried. They even asked if their kitties could use our new sofa as a scratching post.

Hey, we are not even allowed to scratch the sofa! And of course you kitties can't! Rules are rules. It applies to us and all visitor kitties. Daddy and Mummy made it clear to us and them that they had bought the scratching posts for us so that we can sharpen our claws and the sofa is for sitting and lounging, not for scratching. There was a couple of time XX and CC scratched the sofa and Daddy gave them solitary confinement in the cage for half an hour. Now everyone knows the scratching post is where we scratch. We don't want the sofa spoiled too as we know Daddy & Mummy worked very hard and saved a few years before they could afford this new sofa. Plus, I like to lounge on the sofa during the day and YY & BB like to play on it every night.

And about shitting all over the house???? What is wrong with these kitties? There are litter boxes in the bedroom and in the living room and they want to shit all over the house? Isn't it very unhygenic? We want our place clean so that we can roll around all over the floor, playing chase when we feel like it. Imagine stepping into a pile of shit when I am chasing XX. I don't know what these kitties and Daddy's friends are thinking. Do they shit all over their own homes?

Daddy's friends are complaining about these ridiculous rules. But I like what Daddy told them. We welcome you into our house and we will be gracious hosts but don't push your luck on our house rules. We have them so that the 5 of us + Daddy & Mummy can have a good life.

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