Friday, May 26, 2006

T.C.S.S #3 - Morbid post

Have you ever thought about these?

1. You and your spouse are traveling together for that much awaited holiday. And while you are enjoying the in-flight entertainement, there was a loud bang and soon, you two vanish from this earth altogether. While your families and friends mourn your sudden departure, your much loved kitties are all alone at home, waiting anxiously for your return. But there is never ever going to be one. They are now left all alone in the world, waiting anxiously at the door. What will happen to them now?

That is one of our worry. The Wife suggested we take different planes. But that is not really feasible. And anyway, accidents can happen anytime we are together eg in the car or bus. So that's out. Only good thing is that my mother-in-law likes the kxbc gang and though she does not have the technical knowledge nor experience, at least the 5 of them will still be loved and cared for. And my sister-in-law do enjoy their company so at least we can more or less go in peace. Money is not a problem as I think our estate should be able to provide for them comfortably for the next 15 years or so.

Have you any plans for this?

2. Your relationship with your spouse had somehow deteriorated until you cannot stand the sight of each other and divorce is the only way out. Who will take care of the kitties then? Both of you love them to bits and will definitely fight for their custody.

We have always discussed this question and the only thing that came to both our minds is that all 5 of them should always be in the best hands. No human is going to be the winner. The welfare of all 5 of them will be the major determinant.

Based on the current dynamics of the kxbc gang, Kim Kim, Xin Xin and General Yuan Yuan will follow me and Bon Bon and Chang Chang will follow the Wife.

Reason is quite simple really. Xin Xin has been with Kim Kim since she was a little kitten and there is always this unspoken bond between the both of them. And Xin Xin is like the mummy of the little General. And given that Xin Xin has always been my baby, she will definitely come with me.

And as Bon Bon has always sought the Wife's presence for comfort, she will naturally take care of the little sweet grey thing.

And so all that is left is Chang Chang. He has always been close to both of us and as it will clearly not be in any of the cat's best interest to be alone, he will follow the Wife.

So, it's really a morbid post, isn't it? I thought it was always best to think of such things and have them communicated to the Wife so that should that day ever happen, their welfare will always be taken care of without any of the nasty emotions coming into play. And of course, there are going to be visitation rights over the weekend. :) You can never severe your ties with your children, can you?


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Best Cat Quote

Love me,
Feed me,
And never leave me.

By Garfield

Isn't this the best cat quote of the century? Daddy got this quote from Garfield: The Movie.

And this is me again, a little Garfield in the making. I want my lasagna!!!

Love from General Yuan Yuan, the orange kitty


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Silent members of the Mew-Nited Nation

Now you know why General Yuan Yuan is so bold as to attack the Paper Nation. The officials of the Mew-Nited Nation are all sleeping on the job.

The door-cats who did not sound the bell when General Yuan Yuan launched her attacks.

The Security Council which sleeps on the job.

The happy-go-lucky Foreign aide

The 3 amigos who hold the highest post in the Mew-Nited Nation, with their wooden expression

The Interior Minister with her small sidekick

Voted the most polite official in the Mew-Nited Nation's history

Obviously Stitch is always on the side of disorderliness

The Matriach of the Mew-Nited Nation, always accomodating, always smiling

The Chang Chang look-alike Tigger is always looking forward to a hug

The smiling fracternal twins

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Return of General Yuan

▶ Live Report from the Paper Nation

▶ Report by Daddy (2005 winner of the Puleetzer Award, Journalism category)
▶ Photos by Daddy (2003 winner of the World Prezz Photo Award, War category)

The deadly forces of General Yuan “Shi Kai” Yuan had struck again yesterday, a day after she was brought in by Mew-Nited Nation officers to the Very Energetic Tyrant for a medical examination.

It was reported that General Yuan put up a feisty struggle before she was restrained by the strong arms of the law. Even then, she threw her weight around and nearly broke out of prison by repeatedly smashing herself against the cell. The trip to the Very Energetic Tyrant was marked by scorns and vicious threats to the security forces as she cried and wailed.

Unfortunately for the security forces, General Yuan was given a clean bill of health by the Very Energetic Tyrant and had to be released back to her old home.

And on that very same night, as if to scorn the very security forces who had captured her, she launched her deadliest attack on the Paper Nation. No one was spared as she tore through the nation, destroying everything in her way.

Although General Yuan had not claimed responsibility for this act of terror, this reporter had found this irrefutable piece of evidence that General Yuan was behind the carnage.

Other terror factions like the Al-Toilet Paper terrorist organisation and the racist Klee Nex Klan have distanced themselves from General Yuan for fear of incurring the wrath of the Mew-Nited Nations officials.