Sunday, November 21, 2010

What is good for mites: Revolution vs Frontline?

Gave them a flea & tick shampoo bath yesterday and they had since been scratching around the neck area. The Wife thinks mites are causing the itch as the vet did detect a mite egg on YY when she last went for her annual check up. No fleas were detected though.

We are considering the application of either Revolution or Frontline. Based on internet literature, Frontline only kills fleas and ticks while Revolution is 2-up, adding on ear mites and heartworm to the list. Revolution is almost 2x the cost of Frontline at ~$90+ for 6 applications for 6 cats.

So what would be a better solution for us? Revolution or Frontline?


Saturday, November 20, 2010

New litter box odour control mechanism

I learnt this last week after a chat with a friend who has just recently got his third cat. To eliminate any foul odour from the litter boxes besides the usual diligent clearing and cleaning of the litter boxes, he places a small tub of coffee grind next to the 3 litter boxes. It seems to work quite well as I did not detect any foul smell within 1m of the boxes. I did a little research on the internet and apparently, coffee beans absorb any smell in its vicinity and can help in odour control.Therefore, I have collected some spent coffe grind from the office coffee machine and have placed it in a mid size flower pot (the bigger the opening the better). The pot has a heavy base and will hopefully prevent May May, the nosiest parker of them all, from toppling it over. I have also covered the pot with an old stocking of the Wife to prevent them from digging up the grind and also to prevent spillage should MM manage to topple it over.

And now, fingers crossed. Maybe the coffee grind will really work wonders. If it does, it is really recycling since the coffee grind is destined to be thrown away anyway. As the grind is damp, fungus will probably start growing in it in a week or two. Then that will have to be thrown out and refilled.

Add-on on 21 Nov 10, Sun morning: The coffee grind worked. I checked out the litter box area this morning and there was no smell even though they did their business in the boxes during the night. There was a faint coffee smell around the area though. And they did not topple the pot at all.


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Expensive precription medication

Xin Xin had been on Fortekor daily since she was diagnosed with kidney failure and HCM in Jul 08. As of now, we can afford the medication but the price has been increasing this couple of years.

Lately, I found a UK online site which sells this prescribed medication at a cheaper price and because of the huge depreciation of the British pound against the SGD, it is almost 50% cheaper than when I purchase it from the vet.

The purchase process is a little complicated though. As it is a prescription medication, I needed my vet to fill out the site's prescription form and have it mailed to them in the UK. They do not ship overseas at the moment (vs what is mentioned on their site FAQ) so the only way is to either use VPost or some other similar sites. Or you can have it sent to a friend who lives in the UK who can then bring it over when he/she visits or vice versa.

And your vet must be licensed to practise in the UK. From what I can gather from the web, if your vet has the BVSc (bachelor degree for vetinerary medicine taught in the UK and some other countries) and MRCVS (accreditation to practise in the UK) titles after his/her name, it should be no problem.

I bought 8 months worth of medication. Hopefully, I will have the fortune to buy another few batches of this which means Xin Xin will still be with us for the next few years.

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