Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hello, my name is ...

妹妹, or you can call me May May.

I am a brown tabby with a shiny lustrous coat. I wear a white tuxedo and white socks on all four legs and have a long full tail. I have big button brown eyes and a matching brown nose.

Mummy saw me on Fri night after her late dinner and somehow, she spent quite a lot of time playing with me. I think she sort of fell in love with me more than Daddy because the next morning, she came looking for me with another packet of food. Hmm... I wonder if that is because I reminded her of Chang Chang.

Luckily I was still sleeping behind the flower pots and upon seeing that pack of food, I rushed out and devoured everything. Before I knew it, I was scooped up and rushed into the lift. And then a metal door opened and closed. A wooden door opened and out peeped a black/white head welcoming Daddy and Mummy home. It will only be later that I realised that the head is that of Xin Xin, Daddy and Mummy's favorite little girl.

I spent the night in the big cage, looking at 5 cats peering and then snarling at me every time they passed by. And in the morning, I was whisked into a small little box before emerging in a big white room with this Caucasian man peering at me, checking my bottom, pressing my tummy before I let all I have accumulated the day before all out. Hahaha... But he got his revenge when he stuck 2 needles into me. Ouch... but I am a brave little girl. I did not cry. Instead I was once again my frisky little self, exploring the stainless steel table before I was bundled back into the small little box.

I spent the rest of the day at home playing and eating, playing and eating. Mummy still would not let me meet the other 5 cats. Maybe tomorrow or the day after next? She said something about some deworming tablet. Sounds yucky!

MM has adjusted rather well into the household though she has yet to officially meet the rest of the gang given that she has not yet been dewormed.

The health check at the vet today was good. Estimated to be around 1 year old, she is in good health. She has been tested negative for FeLV and FIV and had her first vaccination today. No visible ticks, mites or fleas were found and I suspect she does not have any since I have not been scratching even though I have carried her more than a couple of times these 2 days. Anyway, we had bathed her with flea shampoo when we first brought her home.

From the state of her teats, she has probably given birth before or she may be pregnant now. The vet has not been able to confirm it but whatever the case, we have scheduled her neutering 2 weeks from now.

Although she is around 1 year old, her behaviour and sense of curiosity is more like a kitten. She is a frisky little thing with boundless energy and matching vocals. A little bitey during play but we should be able to train her to break the habit.
She loves chasing after a string and a toy mouse. She likes nothing more than to snuggle up against your ankles and lay her head on your foot as she purrs like a little motor bike. She can be an angel I think in the future like what Xin Xin had become with the right training. She meows at the very sight of Wife and I as if we are her long lost parents.

Although she has access to a clean litter box all day, she did not use it at all which worried us a little until we realised that she is toilet trained but not litter box trained. We will have to start litter box training tomorrow then.

Given her too human trusting nature, the Wife and I had discussed this even before we cat-napped her and it was decided that May May will be adopted out to a serious/experienced cat lover either in a single/multiple cat household. If left at the neighbourhood common areas where she was found, her human trusting nature will make her too vulnerable a target to cat haters.

If there is any reader who is interested in adopting MM, please leave me a comment and an e-mail address so that I am able to contact you. We will screen you as we want to be sure that you are serious in providing her a loving and good home for the rest of her life which may be for another 15 years.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

How? How? How?

I was doing my usual stretching and warm down exercises at my void deck after my run when I heard a very loud wail.

I thought it sounded like a cat. But there was no other void deck cat except for Fluffy who is not very vocal and she was sleeping about 10m from me. Maybe it was a little kid wailing. We know how little kids sometimes sound like cats yowling.

And then it appeared. A skinny scruffy looking little cat. Trotting towards me. I thought it looked like Chang Chang. What was it doing downstairs? I thought I had made sure all of them were home when I closed the door an hour before.

I looked again. It was indeed a CC look-alike but a much smaller version.

It ran towards me and curled around my legs, circling me. Mini-CC from top of the head to tip of the tail but it has white socks and a bit of white chest hair.

She was yowling non-stop. She is young, approximately 7 to 8 months old. Her coat is fairly clean. She likes humans. Either she has run off from home or she is abandoned. And then I saw her teats. They were swollen. But she is not pregnant. So the only other logical explanation is that she had just given birth. No tipped ear. Worst fears come through. It is highly likely she is abandoned.

I stroked her. She liked it but kept yowling non stop. She started pacing and led me to another part of the void deck. Good. I was hoping she would lead me to her kittens. But no. There were no kittens around.

I rushed up and scoped up some food. She ate all hastily and stopped her yowling after that. She must be famished. After that, she took me onto a wild goose chase from void deck to the 2nd and 3rd floor. I thought she was going home. But no, she was just another curious kitten.

I kept her company before I finally left her at the void deck when she finally settled down. I know the uncle who comes around later will feed her again.

I was in a dilemma. I had so wanted to bring her home, give her a good bath and settle her in. She can be CC's little sister!

But I needed to seek the Wife's consent and she will not be home till tomorrow morning. She had said no to another cat many times already. I know her reasons and I agree with her too on those points. But little CC tugged at my heartstrings. She is so friendly. Not the prettiest cat in the world but I don't really care because I have looked past that many many years already (though not for the female human species yet. Haha...).

How now?

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