Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another one joins the family!!!!

Bon Bon:

The day the tooth fairy came to visit Kim Kim, Daddy & Mummy brought home a new occupant to stay and have put her up in our room where the litterboxes and the cage are.

She is big and black. She doesn't speak but sometimes howl or sometimes whisper when her internal organ start turning blue. Most of the time though, she sleeps, only waking up for an hour or so in the morning after Daddy & Mummy get up from bed. But she is more active at night like us, when she spews blue lava from her big mouth and attempts to speak to us. But none of us understand her language and sadly, we are still not friends.

I'm not sure if she wants to make friends with us. I want to but I can't understand her language. So far, I have left her alone, hoping that one day, we will be friends and can perhaps huddle together for a nap or maybe even do some grooming together.

The good thing is that after she has come to join us, our room is so much fresher and cleaner. I am not sure if it is due to her coming to stay with us, but it's a good thing she is now part of the family.

Ohh, before I forget, I should show you a cute photo of her. :)

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