Monday, March 12, 2007

Extreme Experiment

Another update on Chang Chang and his itchy skin.

We put him on 50% NB and 50% SD last week after it was confirmed that RC did not work for him. It was no good either. He was still itchy and tore off some fur on his back. So SD is out too and he was back on 100% NB, which he will not willingly eat unless he is really hungry. Actually none of them likes NB at all and is the last resort when they are really famished. Can you imagine it? They rejected the most expensive food. Is it really so yucky to eat?

As the main ingredient for both RC and SD is chicken, we did an extreme experiment on him last night. WE FED HIM 100% BOILED CHICKEN BREAST MEAT!!! He gobbled everything up and licked his mouth. Now we will monitor him for the next few days to see if he will lick excessively again.

The good news is that there was no clumps of fur on the floor this morning when we woke. So, if he is not allergic to chicken, then it must be some other ingredient in SD and RC which is making him itch. But finding that ingredient will not be an easy task.

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Update on Chang Chang's skin problem

This is an update on Chang Chang's skin problem which was also blogged earlier.

The jab which Dr Su gave him lasted around a month or so before he began to get itchy again. But just a little which was rather tolerable for us. He had been on Natural Balance Venison and Green Pea since the vet vist as we needed a single protein source food which should hopefully narrow down the kind of things he is allergic too.

All the kitties took some time to get used to NB and started taking them when they get too hungry but little Yuan Yuan snubbed it completely, preferring her regular Royal Canin. The arrangement did well for all except that both Chang Chang and Xin Xin did not tolerate the food well and had soft stools daily.

Seeing a slight improvement in his skin condition, we added Royal Canin back to their diet last week. And lo and behold, no more soft stool from both CC and XX. So it was NB Venison which was causing their soft watery stool.

However, CC has started itching and is licking excessively again. We have no idea which ingredient in RC is causing him the itch. So from yesterday, CC will no longer have RC in his diet but to counter watery stools, we are trying SD to see if he will continue to itch on a 50% SD 50% NB diet.

If he still continues to itch, I am thinking of feeding him Nupro supplement to see if it can help improve his immune system and digestive tract so that he will not itch anymore. It's like TCM, heal the inside to benefit the outside.

Fingers crossed for now.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Why can't I post comments!

Eversince I shifted to the new Blogger (forced to, involuntary move), I had been having some many problems posting comments, using different computers.

To Blogger: If you have not fixed the bugs, do so now. You are making me freaking @#$@$ frustrated.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

What if…?

If your cat is a vehicle? What will he/she be?

Kim Kim, being the big fat cat she is, will be a Landrover.
Though not the prettiest or the cutest of the lot, she is very dependable (and huge), like a Landrover, and takes charge of the other kitties when we are not around.

Xin Xin, being a lean mean racing machine, will be a street racing motor bike. She zooms in and out of rooms without ever breaking her stride.

Bon Bon, our pretty girl, will be a VW Beetle. She’s just cute and fun to be around with. You just want to cuddle her everytime you see her, just like you would like to take the Beetle out for a drive every chance you get.

Chang Chang will be a mountain scrambler. Though he looks the skinniest and frailest, he is actually the strongest and the only one which can take on Kim Kim in any fight. He’s lazy and lounges around most of the time, but his spurts of powerful sprints are second only to Xin Xin.

And lastly, cutest Yuan Yuan will be the Toyota Yaris (must be the orange one). When she crouches down, she looks exactly like the Yaris with a big head and a big backside. Very cute looking and does not run too fast. In our family, the Yaris has been renamed the Yuan-mobile.

If your cat is a vehicle? What will he/she be?

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