Thursday, January 25, 2007

The tooth fairy came again!

Kim Kim says:

The tooth fairy came on Mon and took away 2 of my teeth. It's all the V.E.T's fault!!! He said that I have a loose tooth during my annual examination. And now instead of just one, the tooth fairy took away 2 as there was a fairly bad chipped tooth. Now I am a "bo gay" cat like Xin Xin.

Maybe it was my age (I am coming to 7 years old in Apr 07) or maybe it was just me but I was not really feeling myself even after the tooth fairy left. I just lay on my rug for one day and did not have much appetite, nor did I pester Mummy and Daddy for suckles on their laps. I did not want to open my mouth because it was just too painful to swallow food or meow.

Mummy said Xin Xin set a bad example as she was her normal self immediately after the tooth fairy left and even worse, Yuan Yuan was jumping around straight after her spaying operation. Maybe I am just a normal cat and do not recover as quickly as XX and YY.

But I became my usual self a day later and Mummy and Daddy were pretty please to see me eating and meowing for attention again. But Daddy now says I meow too much already. I am a persistent cat. I will meow until they relent and let me suckle on their laps.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thoughts after the cat show

Before this cat show, I had only been to 1 cat show at the Singapore Convention Centre many years ago. I saw cats stuck in cages for hours, mostly frightened and stressed by the number of people surrounding their cages, and also their proud owners beside them.

I remember there was this huge fat cat (a DSH weighing maybe 10kg or more) in that cat show which drew so much attention due to its girth. And its owner was so proud of the attention. Hey, Mr/Ms Cat Owner, do the cat a favour and reduce its diet so that it can slim down. I'm sure you don't want it to suffer illnesses resulting from obesity in the future (add on to my to-do list, make sure that chubby Kim Kim loses 450g from her 5.45kg frame within a year from now and maintain it at 5kg).

Anyway, back to the cat show. And the highlight of the whole show was actually my lunch at the make shift hawker centre opposite The Malay Village. Sinful deep fried chicken thigh (smashed by a mallet) with fragrant rice. I think it was called "Ayam cannot remember cannot remember" (this is purely to tempt/di xiao ksn). Well, the chicken was very good and very good it had to be because I queued 30 min for the chicken.

And this cat show was no different from the last I attended. Cats stuffed into small cages, frigthened and stressed, with their proud owners beside them. I did not realise that there are so many people keeping pedigree cats in Singapore. I am not against buying pedigree cats (my Bon Bon is supposedly pedigree BSH as well but adopted) but do they also have DSH at home? I am not sure about that but I only saw less than 5 DSH at the cat show. I remember these DSH being as beautiful as the pedigrees.

The cats are judged on I think, their look and bone structure based on the some cat fancier club guidelines. Why is there no judging based on say, ability to catch a mousie (hunting skill), smashing a lizard off the wall (test jumping ability), manja display(tripping a human by twirling itself between his/her legs when he/she is walking), loudest purring cat? I know there are dog agility contests held worldwide but why are there no cat ability contests?

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Monday, January 01, 2007

5 + 2 = 7

Xin Xin:

This was me 5 years ago in Feb 02 when I had just joined the household. I was so small and scrawny.

This is me now. :)

Yuan Yuan:

I am 2 years old today. I share the same birthday as my Xin Xin mummy. I love her so.

Hippo Birdy Two Ewes
Hippo Birdy Two Ewes

Hippo Birdy Deer Xin Xin & Yuan Yuan

Hippo Birdy Two Ewes

(courtesy of Victor Tabbycat)

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